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Buy A Car Wash Franchise

The cost to build a car wash can range anywhere from about $50,000 to $3.5 million. Mobile businesses that require only trucks instead of a dedicated location like an automatic car wash franchise fall on the lower end. Those with large equipment and real estate generally fall in the $2 to $3 million range.

buy a car wash franchise


A car wash franchise can be very profitable. Labor costs are generally pretty low. And you can bring in money 24/7 if you offer automatic service. For traditional models, you can expect to earn between $1,200 and $1,500 per month for each bay. Depending on the size of the carwash and location, this can lead to profits between about $80,000 and $800,000 each year.

No perishable items, low labor costs, and top of the line support from groundbreaking through opening and beyond! We have owned and operated some of the busiest car washes in the world. The strategies we've developed and the infrastructure we've built in these key areas will give you the leadership and support you need to reach success faster than doing things on your own.

"My partner and I wanted to go into business together, and we thought about several different businesses and we chose a car wash business to start. We looked at several different manufacturers of car wash equipment. We settled on Tommy's Express when we visited Holland, MI. Once we went up there for the franchisors meeting and looked at all the equipment there was no doubt in my mind that Tommy's Express was the way to go."

"A big part of our decision to choose Tommy's Express was that we felt there would be additional support from the franchise program. Having a team of people behind us to help get off to a good start, the staff training, making sure the equipment is dialed in, and a clean, shiny, dry car."

Future partners begin with the franchise webinar. You get to know us and we get to know you. When you're ready, you'll sign the Franchise Disclosure Document to begin. We'll then host you for a tour of our West Michigan locations and finally, you will sign the franchise agreement.

When you are ready to start washing cars, our team provides you with soft opening and grand opening support, ongoing national and regional marketing campaigns, and continued education through Tommy University. Then, you get prepared to open more locations.

Associated costs with running a Tommy's Express franchise include a $50,000 initial franchise fee, 4% royalty and 1% towards the national brand fund.

If you meet these requirements, please fill out the form and it will be submitted to our development team for consideration. Verified applicants will be directed towards a comprehensive franchise application, which is the next step in our screening process.

If you decide to invest in a car wash franchise, chances are you want to purchase one with a recognizable name and the good will associated with the brand. Buying a franchise is a good way to enter the business as an owner, but it also requires a substantial investment of both time and capital. Be sure you know what you are getting for your investment before you buy.

Decide how you are going to pay for a franchise. Ask yourself how much money you have to invest, and how much of that you can afford to lose. You also need to look closely at how you will obtain financing if you need it, and how you will get by financially while your car wash gets established.

The cost will vary depending on factors such as location and the particular franchise, but you can expect that the average franchise will cost you around $275,000 to get started. Mobile car wash franchises cost less, typically in the range of $30,000 to $100,000.

When you look for the right franchise opportunity, be sure to investigate all of the franchises carefully. Evaluate their operations by carefully reviewing all of the company information you are given. If the company makes any public earnings claims, the Federal Trade Commission requires it to provide written proof. This can consist of income statements for various franchisees, or audited and documented statements of earnings for the company as a whole.

Ideally, the company has a representative you can turn to for help with problems as you are establishing your business. This is especially during your first year of operation. It also is helpful to have a lawyer go over the franchise documents with you.

Talk to several current and former franchise owners to find out how they feel about the company. Ask them about the upside of owning the franchise, but also ask about the downside. Find out if they have any regrets about buying the franchise. If there are serious flaws in the franchise system, you should look for a different company to work with.

Consult with an attorney and an accountant. Sign any final paperwork the company gives you once you have been accepted as a franchisee. Pay the required fees. Read everything carefully to make sure it is what you expect and no changes have been made to amounts or terms of the agreement.

The car wash and auto dealing market is expected to be worth $13.7 billion in the US in 2022, employing 198,000 staff in 57,400 businesses. Of these billions, $258 million belongs to franchises, which employ nearly 3,700 staff in over 970 businesses.

The retreat of the pandemic, and the economic recovery that has followed, have been good for car wash and detailing businesses. Revenues are expected to rise 4.2% in 2022. The industry has returned to the strong growth it saw in the preceding decade, when it went from $10 billion to nearly $14 billion in just six years, thanks to rising disposable income and low gas prices.

However, other factors may slow growth. Rising oil prices make driving more expensive. This will push people toward public transport, decreasing their need for work on their cars. On the other hand, a wider shift from do-it-yourself to do-it-for-me services in the US economy, which has boosted services such as home cleaning, gives long-term support to car wash services.

Eco-friendly services, and providers of eco-friendly products, are catering to an important new niche, as consumers try to minimize their harmful impact on the world. 35% of consumers are willing to pay significantly more for a greener clean. Critically, younger Gen Z consumers are willing to pay significantly higher on average to get a green clean, meaning that this sector of the market is likely to grow over time. While driving might not be the greenest activity, the future of car washing is green.

The economics of car cleaning vary with the business model. An old-fashioned automated car wash might have high startup costs but low staffing expenses, whereas a detail-oriented fleet-cleaning outfit might see more long-term staff expenses, and a home cleaning service low startup costs. Water is an important ongoing expense to factor in for most car cleaning businesses, as it takes on average 38 gallons to wash a single car.

DetailXPerts is a vehicle detailing company with three different franchise models, including a standalone detailing shop, a mobile-only operation that takes detailing to the customer, or a combination standalone detailing shop plus mobile detailing operation. Car washing and detailing services are available for both individual private vehicle owners as well as for commercial customers, including car dealerships, truck washing and detailing, vehicle fleet services, aircraft washing and detailing, and even commercial building cleaning.

The company uses a patented steam cleaning process that is very effective at achieving quality cleaning results with very little water consumption. In fact, the company claims it can thoroughly clean 15 vehicles using only two gallons of water. This is impressive when you consider the average automatic car wash tunnel uses upwards of 40 gallons of water on just one vehicle.

Fleet Clean USA serves the commercial trucking industry by coming on-site to hand-wash fleets of trucks. There are four different levels of exterior washing services for trucks, including maintenance rinse, maintenance wash, semi-detail wash, and detail wash. Additional services include trailer washouts, interior cleaning, interior steam detailing, pressure washes, and dedicated truck cleaning services for large fleets. The core service of repeat business for any location is the ongoing maintenance wash on the same truck, in the same place, every week or two.

Fleet Clean USA has a strong commitment to eco-friendly truck washing, including an advanced mobile water reclamation system, proper disposal of reclaim filters, and the use of environmentally safe 100% biodegradable detergents. Bringing the washing services to the trucks instead of the trucks all traveling to a cleaning site is also good for reducing the environmental impact of truck fleet washing services.

Founded by Juan Pablo Sagastume in Guatemala in 2005 and franchising since 2011, there are currently 15 locations, of which four are company-owned and 10 are located outside the US. International locations can be found in Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. The only franchised location in the US is in Miami, but more are in the works there and one is coming to Chicago.

Moran Family of Brands believes owning an auto repair franchise offers more opportunities and potential profit for business owners than a car wash franchise. New car sales took a hit this past year. Research reveals people are opting to keep their cars longer. The average age of cars on the road is nearly 12 years. As vehicles age, customers need reliable auto repair shops to keep their cars running.

In addition to having a variety of reputable brands, Moran prides itself on providing its franchisees with the support, training, and marketing they will need to operate successfully. Our prospective franchisees do not need to have experience in the automotive industry. We seek candidates who have a background in management, marketing to customers, and sales. Our proven business model allows franchisees to hire skilled mechanics who become lifelong contributors to the success of the business. 041b061a72

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