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Books On Social Work For Uppsc

In order to devise a theory of social conflict, Coser explores the ideas set forth by Georg Simmel in his classical work, Conflict. This essay analyzes conflict in terms of interactive processes and depicts conflict as "a form of socialization." [Coser, p. 31] No group can be entirely harmonious, for then it would lack process and structure. Group formation is a result of both association and dissociation, so that both conflict and cooperation serve a social function. Some certain degree of conflict is an essential element in group formation.

books on social work for uppsc

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Interacting with social work fraternity and with group workers in professional forums such as workshops, seminars, conferences, training programmes etc facilitates interchange of ideas and experiences in working with groups. It is a practical knowledge bank and feeds the group worker with skills largely demanded in the field.

Since the scope of Sociology is very vast, you can choose to specialize in the area that best aligns with your career goals. It has several subsets of specializations, including social movements, politics, & social change; class and stratification; culture; gender & sexuality; race, ethnicity, & migration; economic sociology; historical sociology; globalization, & social network analysis.

Human resource is usually a perfect fit for sociology specialization. This is because they develop powerful communication and interpersonal skills and an in-depth understanding of social dynamics in the work environment. HR Coordinators are equipped with this powerful cultural and social understanding. The same is inevitable in the global work environment to work efficiently and communicate effectively with others.

Sociology is a discipline that studies society and the people who make up society. It is the study of how society affects people, and how people affect society. It is concerned about society and its parts, such as family, work, and government. It focuses on the social dimension of life, such as how people interact with each other and how societies and governments function and change, and the ways in which social inequality is perpetuated and redressed. It is the scientific study of human social behavior and relationships. It is a discipline that focuses on the patterns, causes, and consequences of social behavior and relationships.

Amit says that he used to set target for three days after which he used to take a break of half day watching cricket and reading comics as a past time. Despite completing his engineering degree, he opted for social work and geography as a subject for PCS exam. 350c69d7ab

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