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How to Download EPLAN Electric P8 Macros for Siemens Products

How to Download EPLAN Electric P8 Macros for Siemens Products

EPLAN Electric P8 is a computer-aided engineering (CAE) system that helps engineers design, document and manage electrical plants and systems. It allows users to create circuit diagrams, parts lists, terminal diagrams, PLC diagrams and other documentation for their projects. EPLAN Electric P8 also supports the mechanical design of control cabinets.


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One of the features of EPLAN Electric P8 is the ability to use macros, which are predefined modules of circuits, graphic elements or other components that can be reused as often as required. Macros can save time and effort by avoiding the need to create complex devices from scratch. For example, Siemens provides EPLAN Electric P8 macros for its SIMOTION, SINAMICS and MICROMASTER products, which are controllers, frequency converters and DC converters respectively.

However, downloading these macros can be tricky, as they are not available on the Siemens website. Instead, they are offered in two formats: .edz and .ema. The .edz format is a new file format that contains all the required information for every order number, such as master parts data, macros and other CAx data. The .ema format is an older format that only contains macros. The .edz format is preferred because it is more comprehensive and up-to-date.

To download the EPLAN Electric P8 macros in the .edz format, users need to use one of the following tools:

  • Drive Technology Configurator: This is a web-based tool that allows users to configure and order Siemens drive technology products. Users can select their desired product, enter their order number and download the corresponding .edz file. The Drive Technology Configurator can be accessed at

To download the EPLAN Electric P8 macros in the .ema format, users need to visit the following webpage: This webpage contains links to download .zip files that contain .ema macros for SIMOTION products. However, users should note that these macros are no longer updated and may not reflect the latest product specifications.

After downloading the .edz or .ema files, users need to import them into EPLAN Electric P8 using the Data Portal or the Macro Navigator functions. For more information on how to do this, users can refer to the EPLAN Electric P8 user manual or online help.

By using EPLAN Electric P8 macros for Siemens products, users can simplify their engineering process and ensure compatibility and accuracy of their designs. e0e6b7cb5c