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ArcSoft TotalMedia Portable.45

ArcSoft TotalMedia Portable.45 :::

Which to buy: the DIG-79102 is a sleek, small and very portable set of "professional" features. Its only major drawback is that it will not capture 3D video; ArcSoft HDCam for 3D v2.03.33 will need to be purchased separately. It is also rather pricey at US$169.99 (AU$239.95).

The Flip 2 is a flash drive that can capture 3D video and audio and has a very simple design. The ArcSoft TotalMedia Portable.45 can be bought for US$169.99 (AU$239.95). ArcSoft TotalMedia Studio 1.30 is US$99.99 (AU$145.95). Both record/play content off external drives and are supplied with the right software.

Using the new 3D cam, the DIG-79102 and the 3D enabled version of the Flip 2, I have recorded some 3D video content in my home for a possible review. Alas, in my TV, there is no 3D TV. At the moment, I have no other digital 3D TV and currently no 3D set top box. I did manage to record the first three minutes of Abraham Lincoln 3D and the highlights of Heroes 3D on the ArcSoft TotalMedia Portable.45. The quality of the recording is poor, but I did see the service menu pop up at the end of the video. Unlike my Flip2, the HD cam does not capture 3D audio. One good thing was that my 3D TV does not require a special input for 3D and the HD cam can capture and process both right out of the box. Side by side with the Flip2, it does not look any better, but its simplicity is appealing to me.

Unfortunately, the ArcSoft TotalMedia Studio 3 application still uses an old style of capture control in ArcSoft TotalMedia Portable.45, despite claims otherwise. This was most obvious when I tried to write out the location or push the red button on the top to stop the recording. I hit the number key on my keyboard instead of either of these inputs. 3d9ccd7d82